Reader Question: How to protect your hair from the sun

protect hair from the sun

Hey girl,

Every year my color fades pretty badly during the summer months but I’m hoping to get ahead of it this year. What products are the best for protecting color from the sun?



Hi C,

Truth be told I actually did a requested video on this very topic a few years ago but, alas, some of the products I talked about are since discontinued, which makes me sad face it out.  I did some digging and found some new versions of some of my favorites, which will 100% save your color from the sun’s harmful rays. Let me know how it goes! 🙂

Use a UV protectant before you’re outside: The sun dries out the hair’s natural oils and will definitely fade color, so it’s important to use a mist or creme that has some UV filters in it.  I love Phyto Phytoplage Protective Sun Veil, in particular, because it’s lightweight but my hair still feels really hydrated after I use it.

Use color-extending shampoo and conditioner ALL SUMMER: It’s important to preserve your color even when you’re not out in the sun.  I always go back to Redken…seriously, their products are awesome and I especially love their color extend shampoo and deep conditioner.

Use an after-sun treatment to lock it in: I love Fekkai Apres Soleil Creme because it’s, again, lightweight but it also smoothes any frizz and dryness out that’s happened during my time in the sun and it’s just a great way to add in some extra protection. Never a bad thing.



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