Reader Question: Is it bad to apply makeup on the subway?


Hey Jamie,

I live in New York and lately I’ve been sleeping an extra 20 minutes (which I love) and, instead, applying my makeup on the ride to work…on the subway.  My friends tell me that I’m probably going to contract some infectious disease and die but what do you think?



Hi D,

Ha! I can’t blame a girl for trying to get an extra 20 minutes of sleep (story of my life) and, as much as I love the dramatic way your friends are trying to get you to stop putting your makeup on while riding the 6 train, you are most likely not going to die from doing it.  The main thing you need to do is make sure that your hands are CLEAN. As in, don’t touch the poles or, really, anything except the makeup before you put on your face.  If you end up having to touch something then I’d say to carry a little bottle of Purell and lather up before you start going at it.

Oh, and beware of the sudden jerk-stop when doing anything with your eyes…I might suggest waiting until you get to the office to go at your mascara and eyeliner, just sayin’.



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