Reader Question: Is it ok to buy beauty products on Amazon?


Hey Jamie,

A lipgloss I love is discontinued (and has been for awhile) but Amazon.com is still selling it (with recent good reviews).  It’s Bare Minerals, and I’ve tried finding a similar replacement but I can’t find anything I like!  Do you think it’s ok for me to buy it on Amazon or is it poison from China that will kill me?



Hi “M”!

This is actually (surprisingly) a question my friends and readers ask me a lot.  It’s one of those tricky situations, because sometimes the beauty products sold on sites like Amazon are actually diverted product which, legally/morally, could be considered “wrong”…BUT that isn’t always the case.

In my opinion, if this is a lipgloss that you REALLY love and it’s no longer sold/manufactured by the brand, then I say stock up ASAP, just to be safe.  If the independent seller has really good reviews then I’m sure the product is fine.  Truthfully, as long as the product is sealed and not used, you are more than likely totally safe.  Plus, an unopened lipgloss stays ok for a realllly long time.  I say go for it and enjoy your favorite lipgloss while you still can 🙂




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