Reader Question: Do I Need Invisible Lip Liner?

woman's lips with Invisible Lip Liner

Hi Jamie,

What’s the deal with invisible lip liner? Do you think it’s something I should try? And what exactly does it do?



Reader Question: Do I Need Invisible Lip Liner?

Hi R!

That’s a great question- I’m not a daily lip line user but I DO, in fact, really love clear (i.e. invisible) lip liner for two reasons.

It’s great for beginners and non-lip liner people

Since it’s clear (or almost clear) it’s pretty much the best of both worlds; you get the effects of a liner (stops smudging and lipstick bleeding), make lips appear fuller, etc. but it’s easier to apply since there’s no pigment.

It also works as a primer

Personally, I love lining just above my natural lip line (so my lips look fuller) but you can also use it as a lip “primer,” by applying it actually ON your lips.

My favorites:

Let me know how it goes!


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