Reader Question: Is it ok to use the brushes that come with my makeup?


Hi Jamie,

I’ve always wondered- what the heck do you do with the little foam makeup brushes that come with some eyeshadow compacts?



Hi T!

First off, I get a lot of questions about makeup brushes (here’s how often to clean them and here’s how many makeup brushes you really need) so definitely give those a read as well!  As for using the brushes that actually come WITH your eyeshadow kits or blush compacts, I say you do you.

To be honest, you’re not really going to be able to create your BEST look by using them, but I say that if you try it out and like the way it looks then go for it!

I actually use the little brush that comes with my smokey eyeshadow palette to define the line around my eyelid when I do a darker look. Fact. I personally like the way it smudges the black shadow!

You can also use them to dab on concealer – I’ve done this in a pinch and it totally works.

Try it out and let me know what you think and, if not, then here are some of favorite makeup brushes.



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