Reader Question: Rainbow Colored Hair

pink hair

Hi Jamie,

I’m thinking about dyeing my hair pink for the first time but one, I’m terrified I’ll ruin my hair and two, how do I take care of my hair AFTER it’s pink? Will it be totally fried?



Hi G,

First of all, I love that you’re willing to take a hair risk like this.  Truthfully it’s something I’ve always thought looks super cool (my girl Gwen Stefani) but my hair is too fine to handle the bleaching process that you need to do in order to get the color to pop.

That said, my first big warning is to definitely make sure that your hair isn’t already fine or damaged because you DO have to bleach your hair significantly “white” before you apply the dye.  If your hair is in good condition, here are a few temporary dyes that work well. I’d suggest using a temporary dye for this first time around, since you’re not 100% sure you will even LIKE the color once it’s on you (trust me on this one). Then you can go straight to the Manic Panic:

Lastly, if you feel like your hair ends up being a little dry/damaged after the bleaching, check out this post and this post for a few good product suggestions and tips.

Good luck!




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