Reader Question: What’s the best daily moisturizer for sensitive skin?

woman applying the best daily moisturizer for sensitive skin

Hey Jamie,

Can you help me find a daily moisturizer that’s good for sensitive skin? I break out from a lot of products so I have to be careful.



Hi Jess!

I totally get that- I have sensitive skin as well so I’ve tried a ton of different options that would most likely work well for you. To be safe, I’d say test out any new product on a small spot on your neck first, just to be safe.  Here are my favorite daily moisturizers for sensitive skin…

Let me know what you think after you test these out!



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5 thoughts on “Reader Question: What’s the best daily moisturizer for sensitive skin?

  1. I can’t really ad much to the topic but I just wanted to say that I love the fact that you actually try to help out your readers. It’s so nice of you!

  2. Thanks for this post! I also wonder – do you have any suggestions for an SPF moisturizer for people with crazy sensitive skin? I see that the Garnier one has SPF, but it doesn’t look like the others do. Every single SPF moisturizer I’ve tried has either made my face red and tingly, or insanely dry :/

    • Hi Alisha! You might have some kind of allergy to chemical sunscreen. I really love Avène SPF 50+ Mineral Light Hydrating Sunscreen Lotion (Avene is known for being great for super sensitive people) and It Cosmetics is also known for that (the founder has severe rosacea). I love their Anti-Aging Armour and it also has a slight tint of color for all the pale girls like myself, ha. If those are still too much for you, you might have to switch to a physical SPF and then put a non SPF moisturizer on top of that. Let me know how it goes- happy to help.

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