Reader Question: When Do I Use Serum?


Hi Jamie,

I have a pretty basic question…WHEN do I use serum?  I just got a retinol serum (after reading your post on  a regimen for oily skin) but what’s the order of use? This whole skincare regimen thing is so confusing!



Hi O!

I know, it definitely can be a little daunting.  Here’s the general rule of thumb (my oily skincare post is actually in chronological order!):


1- Cleanser

2- Exfoliant (optional)

3- Toner (optional)

4- Serum

5- Eye cream

6- Moisturizer

7- Sunscreen (if you don’t use a broad-spectrum SPF moisturizer)

8- Makeup primer


1- Cleanser

2- Serum/treatments

3- Eye Cream

4- Night Cream/moisturizer

You want to go light to heavy, but it also depends on what products you’re using.  The best tip is to follow the above guideline and also read the directions on your product packaging- they’re usually pretty descriptive on how to use.



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