Recent Amazon Favorites

collage of Recent Amazon Favorites

Because these are my faves from March…

This post is long overdue and I’m laughing out loud as I’m typing this because I made a promise to myself that I would chill the F out on my Amazon spending. Dead.  Is that even possible in 2022? I’m not sure…but here’s what I do know: these 11 items are all fantastic.


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I can’t even explain how much I love a good pen. I found these amazing pens, perfect for those of us who serial killer hand writing (hi!), on TIBL and they are 100% a winner.

On the food and drinks front, it should come as no surprise that this Carbone sauce is a must, especially for those of us who live in places where there is no Carbone (aka anyone outside NYC or Vegas). I’ll even go as far as saying that I think it beats Rao’s!!? Yep, I said it.  Then there’s drink time…I recently bought these rose wine glasses and rose-shaped ice cube mold and they are a true joy to own.  A necessity? Absolutely not. A joy? YES.

Now let’s talk fashion.  Well, I don’t know if you could call a bra and shorts “fashion,” but I gotta tell you that I have been living in BOTH of these items.  This bra, in particular, is my new go-to for WFH because it’s super comfortable (no underwire!) and it still gives a lot of support.  The shorts are an Amazon Basic and I they are super comfortable – not too tight, not too loose and they breathe, which is most important IMO.  Oh and I saw these Bottega sunglasses dupes on IG and had to grab them. LOVE.

Speaking of love, I wanted a metal face roller for a TikTok video I made (any Euphoria fans reading this???) and this one is actually really, really nice. My face looks snatched AF after I roll.

On a “I don’t want to die in the shower” note, I I decided to finally bite the bullet and buy some shower stickies for my always-slippery bath tub – I had a mat for awhile but it was so NOT chic.  These stickies are clear and aren’t as visually offensive as most of the others that I saw, lol.  Is this adulting? Maybe.

This sleeping mask was another TIBL pick and I am obsessed with it; I’ve used an eye mask to sleep for my entire adult life but this is the upgrade that I didn’t know I needed.  You sync the eye mask to your iPhone so you can listen to music or a podcast while you fall asleep. It’s pure genius.

Lastly, I bought this “Let That Shit Go” book on a whim because I’ve ALWAYS had an issue with letting things go (seriously, my whole life), and I’ve been very into it so far.  You write in simple answers to simple questions and it makes you see why letting go is, in fact, the best thing for your mental health.  Highly recommend!


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