Redken Blonde Idol

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Being blonde is definitely hard work and so when a new product line comes out with the tag line “No brassiness. Guaranteed.”, my interest is instantly peaked.

Last week my colorist Erick at Sally Hershberger LA did a full head of gorgeous, golden blonde highlights, just the way I like them and, honestly, I’ve been terrified that I’m going to get brassy really fast…just like I always do.  I don’t think non-blondes realize that, as a blonde, our hair color changes pretty much every week. Seriously, if you look at this photo of me from Instagram last Friday and then see another one two weeks from now, my hair will look totally different, and not by choice.

Once I heard the news about Redken’s new BLONDE IDOL collection, I had to try it.  The system basically uses the fact that no two blondes are alike and the brand created customizable conditioners with the exclusive Kera-Bright System, which balances, brightens and beautifies to keep your blonde bright between salon visits.  The conditioner has dual chambers that releases a custom calibrated blend for color-depositing conditioner that can be adjusted as needed over time.  The violet version is for cool or platinum blondes and helps neutralize brassiness (hello, thank you!).

Now when it comes to shampoo and blonde highlights, it’s super important to use a sulfate-free and pH balanced shampoo, which minimizes color stripping and helps keep your blonde bright for as long as possible.

And finally, my big goal for the summer is to always put a leave-in conditioner on my hair before I go in the pool or ocean since the conditioner will help protect my strands and the porosity that happens to bleached hair.  What I love about this specific BBB Spray is that it also provides heat protection from styling tools, controls frizz and boosts shine. LOVE this stuff.

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