Renée Rouleau Toning Cloths

So in the last month, I went through like two gigantic bags of cotton balls. Just not right! I’m definitely someone who fills guilty every time she doesn’t recycle or throws away paper bags, so when I came across these Renee Rouleau Toning Cloths, I just couldn’t help myself. Not only do they come 160 in a box (for $10.50) but they use a soft blend soft blend of fibers to absorb 50% less and eliminate product waste, while feeling soft and gentle on the skin.

Along with eliminating product waste, Renée Rouleau has decided to GO GREEN in packaging the Toning Cloths. The carton is made with 100% Recycled Paperboard. Recycled paperboard is made from 100% recovered paper that has been diverted from the solid waste stream and then collected, separated, cleaned and recycled for use! The Toning Cloths are a multi-use product and can be also be used for nail polish removal, cleaning jewelry, etc. Two thumbs up.

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