RentalComp – pure genius.

So since moving to LA last September (yes, it really has been 9 months!) I’ve been going to tons of amazing events and parties but it was only recently that I was introduced to this crazy awesome event company called RentalComp.  I know this is a far cry from what I usually feature on my blog, but after chatting with the owner, I had to give them a shout out.  As someone with a PR background, I think I really appreciate companies like this more than the average person, similar to how I still scan magazines for client placements.  It’s a sickness.

The great thing about going out in LA is that weather is awesome 99% of the time.  And even if it’s slightly chilly, you still don’t need a jacket because you can almost guarantee that they’ll at least be a few heat lamps stationed through out the venue.  Genius, I tell you.  How come you don’t see more heat lamps in New York?!  But I digress.  The real news here is that RentalComp just launched a great new search and compare website for event planners and rental vendors, providing the largest amount and most comprehensive rental products database out there.  If you’re in event planning, you NEED to use this new site.

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