Sandra Oh-NO

WHEN will people learn that you can not wear a large necklace(s) when you have a V-neck or detailed neck line???? This is such a pet-peeve for me, honestly. I’m constantly vetoing my roommate’s choices for accessorizing and now this? Does Sandra not have a stylist? And if she does have a stylist, does she not have 20/20 vision?!

One thought on “Sandra Oh-NO

  1. Being that I’m a stylist, I have to give my two cents on this one.

    The prob with this look is not the v-neck itself, it’s the fact that the v-neck is already an accessory. Meaning that there is no need for a load of jewelry. If she can’t live without something hanging between her bosom, then I’d recommend something VERY SIMPLE (like a teardrop diamond on a 10-12′ sterling silver chain).

    How’s that :)?

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