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alterna caviar scalp facial

You guys know I’m way into scalp health, so when I got a pitch about this new SCALP FACIAL product from ALTERNA, I HAD to try.  You know the good part at the end of a massage where the masseuse massages your scalp? Well, this is better.

The ALTERNA CAVIAR Clinical Exfoliating Scalp Facial is so genius that, quite frankly, I can’t believe it’s taken this long for the beauty industry to create something like this- it seems like such a no brainer!  So, how it works: essentially it’s an exfoliating treatment (similar to what you might use on your face), only it’s specifically designed for your head (e.g. scalp).  It restores moisture to your scalp and also helps with dryness and the conditions that come along with dry skin like dandruff, flakes, etc.  The exfoliating microbeads and bristle brush applicator (shown above) scrubs away dirt, oil and flaky buildup but not in an uncomfortable “my skin is gonna peel off” kinda way, which I love.

Make sure to do your scalp facial BEFORE you shampoo on a wet scalp (one section at a time), using circular motions which is what will help get rid of dry, flaky skin.  Shampoo and conditioner after you facial your head and then you’re good to go. Boom. You can expect that I’ll be doing this about twice a week and hopefully my hair will start growing Rapunzel-style now that my scalp is so fresh and clean.  Maybe?

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