Shark Week-Inspired Beauty

shark week beauty

Because Shark Week is the BEST week…

Last year I posted a little Shark Week nail inspiration but, this year, I wanted to do a product round up, consisting of only the most shark-inspired products I could find.

1// UO Pastels Collection Nail Polish in Blue Shark: Sure, this isn’t actually factually accurate to the color of sharks, but I can certainly appreciate a pretty pastel blue at really any time of the year.

2// LUSH Shark Fin Soap: I’ve blogged about this product before, and I still love it.  Every year up to 100 million sharks are needlessly killed for, get this, shark fin SOUP.  Well LUSH created this soap (complete with faux shark fin) and donates 100% of the price of this soap to grassroots organizations dedicated to the protection and conservation of sharks.

3// Dior Dior Addict in Miami: This color is inspired by Miami, Florida…and Florida just so happens to hold the RECORD for the highest amount of shark attacks in the entire WORLD. How crazy is that?  Florida beats out Australia and South Africa for most attacks!

4// NARS Dual Intensity Eyeshadow in Shark Grey: Now THIS is an accurate representation of the color of a shark, and it also just so happens to be a really pretty color for eyeshadow…so it’s a win-win.

5// NARS Lisptick in Semi-Matte Pure Blood Red: Lipstick that’s the color of blood?  Had to.  Color aside, NARS makes fabulous lipstick and I love this particular semi-matte shade.


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