Shark Week Nail Inspiration

shark week nails

To say that I’m really into SHARK WEEK (my post from last year) is kind of an understatement, but I take solace in the fact that I’m not alone.  The proof?  Shark Week-inspired MANICURES.  Would I do this to my nails?  Probably not, unless I was going to some kind of Shark Week party (mental note for next year), but I DO love some good nail inspiration (#nailinspa).

Which one is your favorite?

shark week nails

(image via Bergdorf’s Instagram)

shark week nails elle

(image via Pinterest.com)

shark week nails

(image via LouLouMagazine.com)

shark week nails

(image via CallinaMarie.buzznet.com)

shark week nails

(image via LifeFastMag.com)

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