Cat sheet masks, SPF patches and other face masks you need in your life


Because these are ALL pretty epic…


Baby Pet Magic Mask Sheet Soothing Cat: Obviously I love my cats and I also love sheet masks. To be honest, I don’t know much a out what this sheet mask actually DOES, but I clearly love the LOOK of it 🙂


Chin Up Mask: As someone who lives in constant fear of a droopy chin, this Chin Up mask is everything.  The V-line Face Cheek Chin Lift shape, contains over 2.4% of BODYFIT compounds from France that it has the effect of accentuating the facial line and helps with toning, lifting and moisture in the general area 🙂


La Roche Posay My UV Patch: As an avid SPF fiend, this patch is life-changing.  The My UV Patch is a revolutionary device to track your personal UV exposure.  Discover the latest technology on how to track your UV exposure. MY UV PATCH is a real breakthrough in skin wellness. While using with the app, it will determine your personal skin-type, track your real-time UV exposure and alert you when your level of sun exposure might no longer be safe. My UV Patch is part of La Roche-Posay’s efforts to provide coaching and education about sun safe choices.



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