Should You Brush Your Lips? I’ve got answers.

Should You Brush Your Lips

Because I’ve been stress biting my lips a LOT lately…

I don’t know about all of you guys but between Coronavirus and all of the horrific social injustices that have been going on, my anxiety has been through the roof.  I’ve even picked up one of my childhood habits where I somehow bite my lip in my sleep!  It’s not fun, and it made me think about my typical routine to fix my lips when they do get a little rough like this.

Brushing your lips can actually be kind of therapeutic as long as you are gentle, careful, and focus on removing dead skin on your lips (with out totally stripping them of ALL skin and moisture).

Should you brush your lips?

Like I said, as long as you’re gentle, it’s totally safe to scrub away that dead skin and exfoliate your lips.  Chapped lips give me major anxiety and I HATE the feeling of having dry skin in general, let alone the skin on my lips (which are also super sensitive, btw).

How to brush your lips:

Step 1: Wet your lips with warm water.

Step 2: Apply your favorite lip scrub.  I love this brown sugar one from Fresh and KOPARI’s coconut lip scrub (it’s mess-free!).  This rose version from Milani is only $10 and AMAZING.  Oh and this version from Dr. PawPaw (also only $10) is fab and also comes with a lip balm attached.  You can also make your own lip scrub, too!  Kourtney Kardashian told me about her POOSH recipe that she and her friend Sarah Howard make.  Here’s Kourt’s recipe.

Step 3: Get that blood flow going in your lips by lightly brushing in a circular motion.  I like to use a child’s toothbrush since they’re smaller and typically softer than an adult toothbrush.  They actually make super cute kid toothbrushes, too!  These are black and white (looove), these are eco-friendly and fun, and these are super soft, simple and chic.

Step 4: Once you’ve lightly scrubbed off all the dead skin, wash off the excess scrub with warm water.

Step 5: Apply your favorite lip balm to seal moisture back in.  I love a good lip oil, personally.  Favorites: This Hourglass lip oil was my first foray into lip oil and it works WONDERS on dry lips.  This cooling lip oil is a great drugstore version, and I also love this buttermask intense lip repair treatment from Kiehl’s.  I keep it in my nightstand!

Thoughts on lip brushing?  Tell me in the comments below.


Photo by Felicia LaSala

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