The silicone face patches that are pretty life changing

woman having silicone face patches on her face

I’ve known about SiO Beauty for a while (and love their products), but only recently tested out their SiO Face Lift. Ok, so it’s not what you’re thinking. It’s not any kind of actual invasive procedure, but there’s something happening with silicone, in my opinion, and the idea of being able to sleep while anything works is always extra appealing to me.

The silicone face patches that are pretty life changing

So what exactly is the Sio Face Lift? Each kit comes with one brow lift patch, two eye and smile lift patches and one neck lift patch- and you get 15 uses per patch so it’s not a one-and-done kind of deal.

sio face magazine on top of a table

The medical-grade silicone patches help firm, plump and erase the appearance of age lines. Apply or add it on around your neck, forehead and eyes (!) while you sleep. For me, my crow’s feet are my “thing” and I’m also starting to notice a bit of “tech neck” so, yeah, these are pretty much the dream in fighting those fine lines.

woman with silicone face patches

The patches are super comfortable, even the neck patch. I had my doubts about it but these are shown to help kick start your skin’s natural collagen. I.e. why doctors often recommend silicone gel to help scars heal). And, best of all, I legit saw smoother, fuller skin in ONE night…that’s a hard claim to back up but it’s true for this kit.

The verdict: I’ll be sleeping with my face covered in silicone from now on.

woman's reflection with silicone face patches

I also want to quickly mention the insanely gorgeous robe that I’m wearing from Sudara! The design I’m wearing is sold out but they have a ton of other cute designs, and what I love best about these robes is the fact that every purchase from this company invests in job creation and skill training for women in India who are working to remain free from sex slavery.  These robes are also a great holiday gift, just saying 🙂

Thank you to SiO Beauty for sponsoring this post!

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