Simple Micellar Water

simple micellar water

So, yes, I AM telling you to buy water to wash your face…

The idea of using a fancy water (or something similar) always seemed ridiculous to me.  Sure, I like to carry a little spray bottle for traveling (I love this one from Avene, especially) but you’re telling me I should BUY fancy water when I get free water out of my sink?!  Yes, I am now and I especially recommend the Simple Cleansing Micellar Water because it’s actually not just water.  This particular Micellar Water (aka “fancy water”) is a blend of multi-vitamins, skin loving ingredients and gentle cleansers to clean the skin, while also removing makeup and, best of all, you don’t have to rinse your face after!  Turns out that Micellar Water is actually the lazy face washer’s dream…

What’s in it/why it’s awesome:

Triple Purified Water: The purest possible water to minimize potential irritation from particles or contaminants that can irritate skin. 

Vitamin B3: Known to restore, soften and smooth skin. It’s especially great for those with dry skin.

Vitamin C: A water soluble antioxidant vitamin for skin.

Hexylene Glycol: Helps dissolve makeup and kindly conditions the skin


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