Simple Revitalizing Eye Roll-On

Simple Revitalizing Eye Roll-On

Because it’s the summer, and puffy eyes suck…

If you ever wondered whether or not those metal roller balls that a lot of eye creams have now actually makes any kind of difference, the answer would be a resounding YES.  Since I’ve been noticing my eyes more than usual lately (crow’s feet, puffiness, etc.), I knew that I would love Simple Skincare Revitalizing Eye Roll-On because, for one, it’s an eye gel-ish cream that specifically reduces puffiness around the eyes, but also because that roller ball…cold…HEAVEN.

I decided to throw mine in the fridge for a few hours before trying it for the first time and, I gotta tell you guys, it felt reallllly nice around my eyes after chilling in their for a bit, pun intended 🙂  (sorry, had to)

Now, of course, in addition to reducing puffiness and being cold, the Roll-On isn’t just plain gel; it contains a blend of cucumber extract and glycerin, both known to help calm and nourish skin, so you feel refreshed and super rejuvenated. Oh, and let’s forget the pro-vitamin B5, which is know to help smooth and soften the skin around the eye, which tends to be delicate.

Seriously, this stuff is FAB for summer, especially if you live somewhere really hot and humid (hello, my days in New York), because you can come home and just rub this stuff all under your eyes…BAM…refresh.

Simple Revitalizing Eye Roll-On3


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