SKKN by Kim Face Cream Review – My Honest Thoughts

top view of SKKN by Kim

Because I’ve been testing it for a few weeks now…

SKKN by Kim Face Cream Review – My Honest Thoughts

Ok so…I asked you guys over on IG Stories if you wanted me to do a SKKN by Kim (Kardashian, ahem) review and the answer was a BIG YES, ha.  That said, I didn’t want to spend hundreds of dollars buying every product in the line (it’s a prestige skincare brand, btw), so I did some digging into each product and decided that the Face Cream made the most sense for me to test.  The reason? You’ll find out below 🙂

SKKN Lin with Nine Steps

There are nine steps in the SKKN line – a cleanser, toner, exfoliator, face cream, eye cream, hyaluronic acid serum, vitamin C8 serum, oil drops and a night oil and, according to the website, Kardashian’s psoriasis diagnosis was the catalyst for the line.  Nine steps is um…a lot?  You guys know I’m all for a full skincare regimen but nine is a bit much, in my opinion.  Kardashian told Allure in their exclusive interview that it was originally recommended that she launch with three or four products, but that wasn’t realistic for her since that isn’t her own skincare routine.

SKKN was formulated with Kardashian’s long-time aesthetician Joanna Czech, which really does give the brand credibility, especially to skincare snobs like myself.  The unique packaging?  Well, according to Allure, that was the brainchild of Willo Perron and Brian Roettinger of Perron-Roettinger, a relationship Kanye West brought to Kim.  I have to admit I do love the packaging – it’s modern, chic, and you want to keep it out on your bathroom counter, which is definitely not always the case for skincare products.

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So what did I think about the SKKIN by Kim Face Cream?

My first impression was that it has no fragrance and soaked well into my typically dry/sensitive skin.  You also really don’t need to use much product, which is great considering that it costs $85 per bottle (circle? sphere? lol).  According to the website, “this moisturizer is clinically proven to hydrate the skin, effectively reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, and it works to improve skin’s firmness, elasticity, and radiance.”

But how exactly does it do this?

The face cream is enriched with alfalfa complex, known as a natural retinol-like extract (aka wrinkle fighter), a powerful post-biotic to help reinforce skin barrier, and shea butter and squalane to deliver hydration.  Even better, according to Harper’s Bazaar, Czech told the writer that the Face Cream was her and Kardashian’s favorite product to formulate – THIS is what sold me on the face cream AND that fact that, according to Allure, the face cream also has magnesium aluminum silicate, which is a clay that tightens the skin AND just so happens to be one of the main ingredients in the Peter Thomas Roth Instant FirmX eye product that went viral last year on TikTok.

face cream product

My final verdict

Overall the SKKN by Kim Face Cream IS a really nice moisturizer.  Like I mentioned earlier, it’s well-formulated. Also, it doesn’t pill and it layers well under makeup. Not to mention I do love all those hydrating and anti-aging ingredients.  But is it worth $85?  Maybe.  I do genuinely like this product. Also, if you especially love Kim K and skincare, this face cream is definitely for you. But I also think it’s comparable to other prestige moisturizers on the market.

Thoughts?  Have you tried any SKKN by Kim products? 

I’d love to hear what you think in the comments.

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