Snog Balm

So I have a not-so-secret love for all things English. This includes slang, men, and of course, beauty products.

Snog [verb]: A colloquial British expression referring to kissing, cuddling, and/or caressing.

Snog Balm puts a fresh new spin on a staple beauty product. Small enough to stow anywhere, Snog Balm (available in Cheeky Mint, Naked and Virgin Cherry) is half the size of a typical lip balm, making you kissable at any moment. Its advanced ingredients penetrate into dry lips instead of sitting on the surface, leaving you with truly moisturized lips that can snog for hours. As the moisturizing formula sinks deep into your lips, Snog Balm remains on your pout—not on your partner’s. Even cooler, The backside of each Snog Balm packaging features unique stories that capture first, favorite, outrageous, or witty snog moments submitted by Snog Balm customers. Each story unites Snog Balm users with a common interest: snogging.

$3.50 at SnogBalm.com

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