Sponsored Post: Melvita organic skincare

I’m the first to admit that I give organic skincare the side-eye.  It’s not that I don’t want to believe in it but it’s more the fact that I’m constantly reading about skincare lines that are not organic that work wonders.  With that said, every once in awhile I come across an absolutely amazing organic product that completely blows my mind and hence, I need to share.

As my readers know, I have dry facial skin and am always on the hunt for the next amazing miracle product that’s gonna keep my hydrated and dewy.  I tried out Melvita Hydrastim (I also like saying “Hydrastim” a lot) and oh boy, was I impressed.  The moisturizer lasted a realllly long time and is also shown to help reduce expression lines and give a fuller, smoother and firmer appearance.  Being that I’m now 28, this is a total bonus for me.  The gel, a form I’m always a fan of, combines aloe vera, hyaluronic acid and various other botanicals a remarkable hydro-regulating effect, keeping skin at its ideal moisture level. 

I’m also loving the back story behind Melvita; the line was started in 1977 by a biologist named Bernard Chevilliat who developed Melvita based on ingredients from a beehive.


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