Staying on your own “mat”

Because no matter how confident you are, we all need a reminder…

Back in 2012 my girl Amber asked me if I wanted to take part in her popular “Five Rules For Life” series and, in all honesty, I had to really sit down and think out what my rules would be before writing them.  It’s kind of funny that so many years had gone by (29, to be exact) and I actually didn’t have my own established set of life guidelines…at least not that I had ever really thought out.  Sure, I had general rules like “don’t be an as*hole” and “treat others the way you want to be treated” but when I sat down and really thought about what my five rules would actually be…I kind of surprised myself.

I think my biggest rule, and something I still have to remind myself about to this day, is to stay on my own “mat.”  Or “stay in my lane,” if you will.  I read an excerpt from Portia De Rossi and it really stuck with me.  She was quoted as saying “You know when you’re in yoga and you’re looking around, thinking, ‘wow, I wish I was that flexible,’ or ‘how come she can hold that pose’? Well, my friend has a saying: ‘stay on your own mat.’ Not physically, but mentally. In life, we’re all made differently: our families, our frames, our personalities and talents. Appreciate how you were made, and stay on your mat. That’s where happiness lies.”

What do you guys think? Do you have to work at staying on your own mat as much as I do?

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