Subway Grooming is NOT Ok.

So as one of the thousands (millions?) of NYCers that commutes via the subway five days a week, I have a plea that could possibly make my 15 minute ride on the 6 train just a little less painful. I was reading Glamour’s Beauty Blog and I noticed that someone else, Fiorella (formerlly of Nylon), has also made her plea to not, gasp, CLIP YOUR NAILS on public transportation. For me, I didn’t even like doing this in front of my college roommate freshman year, so I can’t possibly even begin to understand why anyone would do this in public. I feel Fiorella’s pain. I get grossed out enough when I see someone putting on face powder or mascara- hello! what if the train suddenly jolts and you poke your eye out?! UGH! So anyway, please refrain from doing this on the subway…or at least in front of me (and Fiorella).

P.S.- How hard would you die if you saw Lilo and Sam Ronson on the subway?

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