Summer Childhood Favorites

summer childhood favorites

Because living like my 5-year-old self is pretty much the best thing ever…

Summer is always synonymous to me with childhood fun; it doesn’t matter how many “cool” events I go to, work functions, fashion shows, beauty launches, whatever. There is NOTHING (I repeat, nothing) that will ever compare to my favorite childhood summer past-times and the pure JOY that they gave me when I was young:

  • Eating ice cream sandwiches
  • Reading classic teen lit
  • Jumping into the pool at my childhood house with my sister and/or friends (at least 20 times)

It’s just that simple.  And, when I think about the simplicity of this statement, it actually infuriates me how frustrated I get sometimes at the little adult disappointments that take such a toll on all of us…I mean, it is really THAT big a deal that he didn’t ask me out again/I didn’t get hired for a gig I wanted/my friend says something slightly annoying to me?  The answer is no, not really.  Right now I’m all about finding my happy place and I can’t imagine myself having a bad moment while doing ANY of my three childhood summer favorites…can you?  Right here and now I’m vowing to do these three things for the rest of the summer. Sure, the ice cream sandwiches aren’t gonna be great for my perma-diet, but you know what? I will deal.  Classic teen lit? Whatever. That’s what Amazon.com is for…and jumping into my pool? I can do that, too.  Maybe not 20 times in a row (unless I want my neighbors to think I’m insane), but I can certainly jump in.  Why not? Life is all about having fun and appreciating the little things; it’s just a shame that so many of us forget what our pure selves (e.g. childhood selves) once truly valued in exchange for the adult drama.

What are some of your childhood summer favorites?

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