Summer Reading List

summer reading

Because reading should be fun and these books are F-U-N…

I’ve always been a book worm.  I can remember how much I LOVVVED reading as a kid and, being honest, the week that my elementary school had their annual book fair was my FAVORITE week of the year. I would tell my parents I needed “all the money” and, after they stopped laughing, they would hand me $20 and tell me to get whatever books I wanted.  Pure heaven, I tell you.  As I got older reading became, eh, not as much fun since we were being forced to read things from the school’s mandatory reading list and, I’m sorry, but I wasn’t interested in half of those books.  I get it- most of them are considered “American classics” and I also get that New York state was going to test me on my knowledge of those American classics, whether or not my school thought they were good books.

So yeah, now that I’m older and can choose what I want to read for myself, I tend to read books that make me laugh.  There’s a time and a place for classics, for sure, but summer is synonymous with fun and these three books have put a smile on my face/made me laugh/even TAUGHT me stuff (Aziz!), so I can’t recommend them enough:

1// Modern Romance: What I LOVE about Aziz’s book on modern romance is the fact that he worked with psychologists, anthropologists, dating experts, the people at Match.com, etc. to share the STATISTICS on dating in the digital age.  He doesn’t preach or rant about his opinions (sure, they’re in their in a funny way), but instead he simply shares his year-long research and basically says “here’s what I’ve discovered…do with it what you will.”  It’s so interesting to read some of the findings and, for example, who knew that girls who take bird’s eye-view selfies get more messages than girls who have just forward-face photos?!  So odd, but interesting.

2// A Hot Glue Gun Mess: Mr. Kate is lovable, slightly weird and 100% relatable…which is why her blog and YouTube channel are so successful.  I love how she mixed in some signature DIY projects with the most hilarious stories of her life.  Also, I love that shared the fact that she had sex with Tiger Woods (before he was married, natch) with basically no f*cks to give.  You are awesome, Mr. Kate.

3// Has Anyone Seen My Pants?: I’ve been a long-time Sarah Colonna fan (since the days of Chelsea Lately – RIP) and I knew I’d love this book because I also loved her first book.  She is hilarious and witty, and it’s also very clear that she has accepted herself for exactly who she is…and she doesn’t care who has a problem with that.  I also giggled while reading almost every chapter in this book, which is always a plus.


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