Sunglasses and Why I Used To Be Obsessed with Wearing Glasses

Weird confession: when I was little, I always wished that I wore glasses.  Yes, it’s true.  (Un?)fortunately for me, I was blessed with better than 20/20 vision (thanks, Dad)!  I remember telling my mom a complete lie in the 3rd grade; I told her that I couldn’t read my books (lies) and that I also couldn’t see the blackboard in class (more lies).  So apparently I was near AND far sighted, according to my 3rd grade-self.  I was quite the little liar but since my mother figured WHAT KID IN THE WORLD actually WANTED to wear glasses, she took me to the eye doctor.  Even being the crafty nine year old that I was, I couldn’t fool the opthamologist and he promptly told my mother that I was one, lying and two, clearly needed more attention.

My mom confronted me and asked her little deviant daughter “Jamie Claire, why did you lie and tell mommy that you couldn’t read your books or see the blackboard at school?  The doctor told me that you could read a sign a mile away!”  My answer?  “MOM, I didn’t mean to lie but I REALLY wanted glasses…they look SO CUTE and all of my friends wear them!”  (Blogger’s note: this is just the beginning of my FOMO issues, just sayin’).

I mean.  My mother’s face at this moment…unforgettable.

Even at 29 (and a half!), I still don’t need glasses but I make up for it with my vast sunglasses collection.  While I might be able to read a street sign 3 blocks away (proven: NYC), my baby blue eyes are super sensitive to light and I honestly can’t be outside unless I’m wearing sunnies (and, of course, SPF on my skin, too!).  I digress.

I went to the Two Point Oh LA blogger picnic on Sunday and was introduced to a fab new website called DITTO.  What I love about this site is customers can try on the glasses (and sunglasses) to see if they fit/look good with 180 degree views before they buy them for the site.  They can even ask for friend reccos (via social media!) and ask a DITTO stylist for their advice, based on their face shape- it’s pure genius, really.  The site sells all of the best brands: Chloe (like my sunnies above), Ray Ban, Elizabeth and James, Jason Wu, Theory, Vera Wang, John Varvatos, etc. so you know you’re getting high quality goods…I mean, I always said that if/when I ever do need real glasses, I’d only go designer. Clearly.

Celebs wearing my Chloe Myrte sunnies:

Rachel Zoe, Lauren Conrad, Naomi Campbell





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