Support your teams with style and class

Lady GaGa supporting the New York Yankees and Sydne Summer tastefully supporting the LA Lakers

So I saw this crazy photo of Lady GaGa the other day and I was honestly a little grossed out.  We all know that I love me some Lady GaGa but come on, there’s a fine line.  The whole Yankee jersey fiasco made me think about how I don’t own ANY clothing to support my home state teams (New York Knicks and New York Mets) because frankly, everything I see is a made for a dude.  I recently heard about Alyssa Milano’s sportswear line and thought it was such an innovative idea that I had to share.  I mean, I’ve never really thought much about Alyssa Milano…her ridiculous Jersey Shore parody annoyed me, frankly and she hasn’t really had a real job since Charmed but hey, at least she’s making some money off her sportswear line, touch by Alyssa Milano.

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