Swine Flu…GREAT.

So I’m just a little freaked out by this whole Swine Flu thing. After seeing the way an ordinary cold spreads through a small NYC office, I just have this aching feeling that at least one person I know will somehow contract this thing, lol. After watching this interview with Dr. Oz, I feel a little better at least knowing that ordinary products like Purell (a personal favorite) and anti-bacterial hand soap can help prevent the spread. I’ve been carrying around a mini bottle in my purse for years for those long subway rides and when I’ve seen someone sneeze and then grab onto the hand rail. Yum. Anyway, I have a favorite hand soap that I’ve been using for awhile…Nature’s Gate Organics Neroli Orange & Chocolate Mint Liquid Soap. I love the smell and it’s super moisturizing.

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