Holiday Gift Guide: What This Girl Wants

Holiday gift guide- what I want


I always struggle when it comes to making a holiday gift list for myself, mostly because I’m incredibly hard to shop for.  Looking back at my wish lists from 2011 and 2012 it looks like there’s always a similar theme: quirky stuff that’s also incredibly useful.  I actually DID buy myself the Macbook Air that I listed on last year’s list (currently using to write this post!) my mom bought me the Tocca candle from 2011, so given the theme that I end up with one thing from my list every year, which item do you think I should buy this year?

1. Fire Escape Shelf: In a weird way, I feel like I never really appreciated my fire escape when I had one while living in New York City…this hilarious/actually practical wall shelf is all kinds of awesome.

2. BCBG Spiked Apple Jewelry Box: My first thought: punk rock Snow White.  My second thought: I want this in a bad way…it also comes in silver and gold.

3. Striped Cashmere Eye Mask: I started using an eye mask to sleep in college and I’ve never looked back. It would seem that a cashmere version would be the next step in life.

4. Cube Planter: I’ve been fascinated with terrariums since I made one in elementary school and this one is really modern and cool…and definitely not made by an 8-year-old.

5. Cat Ice Cube Tray: Do I really need to explain this one? Meow.

6. THIS WORKS Deep Sleep Pillow Spray: I’m all about the good sleep and this spray just seems like a dream (no pun intended) to pair with the cashmere eye mask.  The soothing blend of lavender, vetivert and wild camomile essential oils will help calm the mind in preparation for a restorative slumber.

Obsessed: Paul & Joe Limited-Edition Eye & Cheek Color Set

paul and joe cats


I was going to wait until I start posting my holiday gift ideas (after Thanksgiving, cause I’m not INSANE), but I just couldn’t wait to talk about this fan-effing-tastic Paul & Joe Limited Edition Eye & Cheek Color Set…cat-themed, of course.  I want to be clear when I tell you that I’m probably never going to actually use the blusher stick because, really, I just like starting at the little cat face top and my lips would absolutely destroy it’s cuteness.  Regardless, this set is a must-have for any cat lover/girly girl; You get the cute cat bag, an eye color duo, an eye gloss and a blusher stick…and for only $65, mind you.  Get it now, available in two versions: Sugar & Spice and Gingerbread.


A Cat Holiday

Jamie Stone and Gea Ballerina

If you follow me on Instagram, you know how much I LOVE my two cats, Gemma and Gea.  Here’s the thing, cats sometimes get a bad wrap, which I strongly disagree, and that’s exactly why I’m really into the fact that Fancy Feast® is launching Feastivities.com.  I mean, it’s the ultimate gift destination for cat lovers with seven cat-inspired curated gifts…all of which I would be thrilled to receive, mind you.  Cats are definitely having a “moment” when it comes to fashion and I love each item featured in the gift guide, which includes fashion-forward cat items: cat jewelry by Salty Kisses Hawaii, Gingiber art print of a cute white cat, a Little Lark black cat tote, made by Cleo cat collar, Feline Intent cat teepee (this is awesome, btw), Rover cat bow tie and Silver Lotus cat jewelry.

The site is also offering a super cute ornament for a $2 donation while supplies last, and 100% of the donations will go directly to AdoptAPet.com, North America’s largest non-profit pet adoption charity that helps more than 13,000 shelter and rescue animals find homes. Bonus.

The holidays are all about treating your loved ones well, and that includes your cat(s) too.  I’m definitely putting some time aside for my girls, even if it’s something small like five minutes of toy chasing or an extra few minutes of a belly rub because, yes, my cats are weirdos and like their bellies rubbed.

P.S. Isn’t my Gea (aka Gigi Ballerina) the cutest?

This post was sponsored on behalf of Fancy Feast and Style Coalition, but all opinions are my own…as per usual.

3 LA Bloggers Giving The Cat-Lady Stereotype A Run For Its Money

cool cat ladies

So, I can’t take credit for this genius story idea but, let me tell you, I’m way into it.  I saw this post on Refinery29 a few weeks back and thought “um, I NEED to do this with my LA blogger friends” because, as I’m sure you know, cats get a lot of shit.  Look, I love dogs, I really do, but cats are way cleaner, smarter and are just as fun (most of the time).  My Gemma and Gea provide me with endless hours of entertainment, love and affection…so, with that said, here are three LA bloggers (including me!) who are awesome, stylish and also happen to own a cat or cats, plural.  Take that.

(Left to right)


When and where did you get your cats?

Our cats started out as my then boyfriend’s (now husband’s) cats. They were both adopted in NY. I came into the relationship with my adopted dog Hayden – who felt very left out during this photo shoot 🙂

If your cats were human, what would be their fashion staples?

Dakota (the grey Russian Blue Mix girl cat) would have to have a faux fur coat she wore everywhere and lots of jewelry…she’s definitely a diva! Gazpacho (the orange Tabby boy cat) would always wear suspenders…he’s a nerd.

If your cats had a blog, what would they be called?

“Delightfully Dakota” and “Gazpacho – Not Just Cold Soup”

Why did you choose your cats’ names?  Is there a special meaning?

My husband choose Dakota just because he liked the way it sounded and it seemed to fit her. Before he adopted Gazpacho, he had seen that name on a menu and thought “that would make an awesome cat name” so when he adopted the orange Tabby his name was already picked out.

What are the weirdest things your cats do?

Dakota loves to suck on ears!  Gazpacho is just super nervous all the time…it’s hilarious.

If your cats could speak, what would they say?

Dakota would demand lipstick and Gazpacho would tell everyone to calm down.

Do your cats get annoyed about how much time you spend blogging? 

YES! Dakota jumps in my lap all the time when I’m blogging and Gazpacho will look up at me and meow super loud until I give him attention.


When and where did you get your cats?

I rescued them both (they’re mom and daughter!) from a foster family in the Hollywood Hills, right next door to Chris Brown’s graffiti house– not kidding. (holding Gea in the photo)

If your cats were human, what would be their fashion staples?

Hmmm, I can see Gemma in a maxi dress…yeah, I’ll go with that.  And Gea?  Gea is totally tall and has long legs so I can totally see her wearing some cutoff jean shorts.

If your cats had a blog, what would they be called?

Probably their nicknames: “Gemma Angel” and “Gea Ballerina.”

Why did you choose your cats’ names?  Is there a special meaning?

I always really like the names Gemma and Gea (with the Italian spelling) and I also wanted to honor my previous cat, Angel, who passed away in December 2011 at almost 17 years old.  Gea sort of adopted “Ballerina” as a middle name because she danced while she walked when I first took her home.  It was the CUTEST THING EVER.

What are the weirdest things that your cats do?

There are SO many things.  Gemma licks everything (and constantly) and Gea likes to crawl under the rug.  It’s cute, yet kind of weird.

If your cats could speak, what would they say?

Gemma would definitely tell me that she needs more attention (she doesn’t) and Gea would ask what time lunch is being served.

Do your cats get annoyed about how much time you spend blogging? 

YES but mostly Gemma.  She can’t just sit on my lap while I’m working…no, that’s not good enough.  Gemma needs to either sit ON my laptop or claw at my hands while I type.  I’m obsessed with her.


When and where did you get your cat?

I got Stella a little over 2 years ago when I lived in Texas. She was the runt of the litter and (as hard as it is to believe) no one wanted her! When I first set eyes on the sweet angel, she was passed out in a teeny tiny ball. Some things never change!

 If your cat was a human, what would be her fashion staple?

I love this question! Stella already sports a orange leather collar with crystal embellishments (she has to be chic at all times) but if she could wear actual clothes, I think her staple would be a girly dress with big sunglasses. She’s such a diva.

If your cat had a blog, what would it be called?

I’ve often thought about starting a blog for her! Gosh, I am such a cat lady. It would be called “Stella Says.”

 Why did you choose your cat’s name?  Is there a special meaning?

My cat’s name actually does have a special meaning. My all time favorite band is The Beatles. I grew up listening to them with my Dad so they are very special to me. I also love fashion, obviously. Stella McCartney is a major favorite designer of mine and she happens to be Paul McCartney’s daughter. Put two and two together. That’s how I got my angel’s name!

What’s the weirdest thing your cat does?

Where do I start? I think the absolute weirdest thing she’s done is climb up my blinds in my living room and hung out for a while. She’s also been spotted acting a fool on cat nip.

If your cat could speak, what would she say?

If she could speak, she would most likely demand me to get her a lounging chair for the patio. Unfortunately that will not happen because I live on the first floor and she cannot be trusted.

Does your cat get annoyed about how much time you spend blogging?

She definitely does. When she’s really had it, Stella climbs up on my desk and physically sits on my computer. Little brat!



The Monday Rundown

the monday rundown

Drybar Happy Hour Weightless Shampoo: My love for Drybar is never-ending so when they launched a line of products, I knew they would be amazing.  I adore the Happy Hour shampoo…it’s a cleansing shampoo that still lathers nicely, which is true perfection.

Chan Luu EFI Combo Bracelet: This bracelet is amazing for summer and I love the combo of neon mixed with black and white…summer trends collide.

Diego The Cat Pillow: I don’t even try to pretend that I’m NOT a crazy cat lady (I so am), and I love this cat pillow…it’s so real-looking that it might actually scare your guests.

Caprese: With summer fast approaching, I’ve been studying this list of no-bread sandwiches…at the top of my list?  Caprese.  Bam,