Obsessed: Paul & Joe Limited-Edition Eye & Cheek Color Set

paul and joe cats


I was going to wait until I start posting my holiday gift ideas (after Thanksgiving, cause I’m not INSANE), but I just couldn’t wait to talk about this fan-effing-tastic Paul & Joe Limited Edition Eye & Cheek Color Set…cat-themed, of course.  I want to be clear when I tell you that I’m probably never going to actually use the blusher stick because, really, I just like starting at the little cat face top and my lips would absolutely destroy it’s cuteness.  Regardless, this set is a must-have for any cat lover/girly girl; You get the cute cat bag, an eye color duo, an eye gloss and a blusher stick…and for only $65, mind you.  Get it now, available in two versions: Sugar & Spice and Gingerbread.


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