Tuesday Web Candy

chrissy teigen

Chrissy Teigen really IS queen of the cool girls, and here’s why – NYMag.com

Loving this post on 23 secret uses for everyday beauty products. We can ALL use these! – Byrdie.com

Everyone knows the whole “friends with benefits” thing NEVER works. Here are a few things that are better (sarcasm ahead) – ManRepeller.com

My budget beauty buy of the weekTheBudgetBabe.com

I’m still in shock that Robin Williams is really gone and this Twitter tribute is pretty great – Refinery29.com

Really digging this blog that I just discovered! – AtHomeInLove.com


BBQ + Bourbon Bash


When my friend Kelly invites you to a party, you go.  Simply put, Kelly is the hostess with the mostess, which is why I was crazy excited to attend her BBQ + Bourbon party, sponsored by GLAD.  Here are some highlights from the party…which just so happened to be held at this insane mansion in the hills, just sayin’.










Tuesday Web Candy

Tuesday Web Candy

Now I get it…the Kate Middleton thing…OMG Samantha Parkington HuffingtonPost.com

I don’t even care how weird this is, I just LOVE the idea of green lipstick NYMag.com

Pizza perfume?  Sure, why not? – Allure.com

30 sweatshirts you can wear to work?  Also, they feature my girl Kristen from GlitterNGlue.com – BuzzFeed.com

I’m a big pajama pants advocate, and I also love how Kelly styled these – KellyGoLightly.com

My friend Devon introduced me to the Puppy Chow phenomenon a few years ago and I was instantly obsessed – People.com 

Tuesday Web Candy

tuesday web candy

This video about upper middle class problems is hilarious, and true – College Candy

After taking Blogshop, I now find this round up of Photoshop fails absolutely amazing – Refinery29

This new website will analyze a guy’s text message. I can’t even. – Divine Caroline

My friend Kelly hosted the most amazing Emmy’s viewing party with Glade!  Here’s how she did it – Kelly Go Lightly

This made me laugh today.  Classic sculptures dressed as hipstersThe Luxury Spot

Amber’s got the details on Jon Hamm’s Emmy’s beard, in all its glory – Beauty Blogging Junkie

Weekend To-Do

makeup brushes

 Clean your makeup brushes…you know you need to. (image via Made by Girl)

DIY wall clock

Try making a DIY wall clock (image via A Beautiful Mess)


Incorporate a horse into your weekend wardrobe (image via Kelly Go Lightly)

ice cream

It’s still REALLY hot out, so treat yourself to some old-fashioned ice cream (the kind that’s not sugar and fat-free) (image via Pinterest)

pink peonies

Buy a bouquet of your favorite flowers, just because (image via Pinterest)


As an alternative to the traditional strapless bra, try this version from Le Mystere. It’s comfortable and effective (image via Bloomingdale’s)