Weekend To-Do

tulips in teacups

Flowers in a tea cup are always a good idea (image via People.com)


Two words: pineapple bowling. You will love it (image via KellyGoLightly.com)

glitter donut

Try your hand at making some glitter donuts for mom (image via TheGlitterGuide.com)

clean your makeup brushes

Take a few minutes to clean your makeup brushes! (image via PoliticsofPretty.com)

kate spade purpose

Today, Kate Spade launched ON PURPOSE — a collection of handcrafted pieces made by artisans in Masoro, Rwanda. Kate Spade is teaching a group of 150 women in Rwanda to become a profitable supplier to all of the Kate Spade brands, with the goal of creating economic stability in their community. Check it out! (image and info via StripesandSequins.com)

mom quote

Words to remember this Sunday for Mother’s Day (image via LifesLittleLustings.blogspot.co.uk)

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