Weekend To-Do

makeup brushes

 Clean your makeup brushes…you know you need to. (image via Made by Girl)

DIY wall clock

Try making a DIY wall clock (image via A Beautiful Mess)


Incorporate a horse into your weekend wardrobe (image via Kelly Go Lightly)

ice cream

It’s still REALLY hot out, so treat yourself to some old-fashioned ice cream (the kind that’s not sugar and fat-free) (image via Pinterest)

pink peonies

Buy a bouquet of your favorite flowers, just because (image via Pinterest)


As an alternative to the traditional strapless bra, try this version from Le Mystere. It’s comfortable and effective (image via Bloomingdale’s)

Tuesday Web Candy

tuesday web candy

This is the definition of brilliant.  How much would Tai’s “Clueless” makeover REALLY cost? – Refinery29

There really are way too many makeup brushes out there…here, Allure breaks down the brushes that you actually need Allure

I don’t usually feature two stories from the same outlet in one week but I couldn’t resist these healthy flavored water recipesRefinery29

A super interesting article on why the social media generation never really “breaks up” – NY Magazine

How to throw an olive oil tasting party. Yes please – Honestly Yum

how to get dark nail polish off your nails!

nail polish tips

I will never forget the moment when a guy said to me “what are you goth now?  Why are you wearing black nail polish?”

The answer?  It was 2006…and CHANEL “black satin” was all the rage.  I mean, sure, mine was totally the Wet n’ Wild version (cause I’m cheap and lazy) but still…black nails were SO HAUTE that he didn’t even know it.  The problem is this: when you wear black (or really any dark nail polish color) it gets stuck in the corners of your nails.  For real.  I thought it was just me, cause I’m sloppy, but turns out…it’s everyone.  Here’s a trick that I recently picked up from a manicurist:

Use an old makeup brush, dipped in nail polish remover, to scrub off the remnants of your dark polish!  I’m liking Stila Double Ended Smudge Brush #28 since you get TWO choices: one is flat and short, and the other is long and thin…making it easy to get into every nook and dark polish cranny.