Tramp stamps…Let’s Discuss

tramp stamp

I’m cringing as I post this old photo of myself from college. Dancing away…with my starter Gucci bag, a neon wristband and, of course, my TRAMP STAMP hanging out, as per usual back then. #LONGISLAND.  Sure, it was the “style” and all, but as a now 31-year-old woman I’m dealing with the fact that having a lower back tattoo is kind of a big fat JOKE.

“Jamie! I didn’t know you have a tramp stamp!!!” is said more often than not since I live in a city where it’s bikini season 11 months out of the year and, honestly, I get it.  Nicole Richie puts it best:




Purple Hair Don’t Care

nicole richie purple hair

NICOLE RICHIE is just freaking awesome in my book.  I’m obsessed with her style, her show, Candidly Nicole (and if you haven’t seen it then you need to) and now, her purple hair.  She did a nice little fake out on Instagram before actually dying her hair purple, and I give her props for that cause we all love a good prank…but then I got to thinking about how you actually upkeep candy colored hair.  I have a hard enough time with my blonde hair and can’t imagine having to deal with anything more than I already do.  So, who can actually rock purple hair?  I turned to one of my favorite colorists in the biz, GEORGE PAPANIKOLAS, Matrix Celebrity Hairstylist and also the guy who occasionally gives me the BEST balayage.

“Anyone who is fashion forward (can rock it); Considering purple hair doesn’t happen in nature, you don’t need to be too concerned with your skin tone, but you will need to adjust your makeup. Too much and you can start to look like a clown. Nicole tends to keep her make-up natural, which is a nice combination,” says George.  And, turns out, I was right when it comes to maintenance.  “The upkeep is a full time job,” says George.  “The roots need retouching every few weeks, and the pastel toner every few days, otherwise it turns into an uneven platinum blonde.”

I’ll admit that I’m intrigued by the pastel hair color trend, especially since I’m a big Gwen Stefani fan and she basically had hot pink hair for years, but I think for now I’m gonna stick with blonde…though, I seriously love purple hair Nicole.

The 2013 Met Gala

the met gala

I love, love, loooove The MET Gala.  Why is it different from any other celebrity party?  Well, for one, the fashion is always way more avant garde and this year the theme was “PUNK: From Chaos to Couture.”  YES.  While there were some “WTF was she thinking” outfits, I’m completely in love with these three looks:

1. Blake Lively: Blake, who claims that she doesn’t have a stylist, worked with Gucci Première to design this amazing dress that kind of makes me think of Black Swan.  Her makeup in word word?  Flawless.  Her makeup artist, Elaine Offers, used NARS on Blake.  “It starts with Blake’s signature approach: luminous beautiful skin,” said Offers about the look she created for Blake. “We created a serious eye shape as a nod to the punk theme by building on a smoky eye and winging it outward. With the diaphanous layers of her skirt and a light lip, it comes together as being both glamorous and edgy.”

2. Anne Hathaway: To be perfectly honest, I was so not impressed with Anne’s look from the Oscars but guys, she totally killed it in this Valentino dress, complete with Debbie Harry-inspired platinum blonde hair.  Anne’s makeup also looks totally flawless and, according to her makeup artist, Adam Bereuchaud, he used Laura Mercier on the actress.  Specifcally, Breuchaud gave a subtle nod to the event’s punk theme by creating a bold, “electric blue” smoky eye to complement Anne’s flawless, porcelain skin.

3. Gwen Stefani: To no surprise, I clearly love what my girl Gwen wore to the gala (a Maison Martin Margiela cut-out gown and Fred Leighton jewels).  I can’t think of anyone more appropriate than the punk rock princess herself.

Bonus content: Jeannine has the scoop on a few of the hottest manis from the night and THIS, just for shits and giggles. I’m obsessed with Nicole Richie’s hair.