Tramp stamps…Let’s Discuss

tramp stamp

I’m cringing as I post this old photo of myself from college. Dancing away…with my starter Gucci bag, a neon wristband and, of course, my TRAMP STAMP hanging out, as per usual back then. #LONGISLAND.  Sure, it was the “style” and all, but as a now 31-year-old woman I’m dealing with the fact that having a lower back tattoo is kind of a big fat JOKE.

“Jamie! I didn’t know you have a tramp stamp!!!” is said more often than not since I live in a city where it’s bikini season 11 months out of the year and, honestly, I get it.  Nicole Richie puts it best:



I did a little research, because I’m a big nerd, and I found out that apparently I’m not alone.  According to The America Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (ASAPS), more Americans received tattoo removal treatment in 2013 than in past years. Up by 11% in 2013, tattoo removal has also seen a boost from different age groups as more American adults marked their middle age by trading out their old tattoos.  45,224 tattoo removal procedures were performed in 2013, while 40,801 treatments were performed in 2011.  Yowzer.

However, I want to be clear…I don’t “regret” my tattoo because I actually think it’s really pretty, I just regret the PLACEMENT OF MY TATTOO.  Where else would I have gotten it? I don’t know.  All I DO know is, it was the longest 20 minutes OF MY LIFE, and my friend Jane can attest to that fact since she watched me get it back in 2001.

Me (post tattoo): Oh my god, how long was that? Like two hours?

Jane (checks her watch): Um…about 20 minutes.

What do you guys think? Yay or nay to your tattoos?  What do you think about tramp stamps?

6 thoughts on “Tramp stamps…Let’s Discuss

  1. Haha! Too funny. Not that I’m making fun, but tying in the tweet, I get it. I don’t have a “tramp stamp” but I do have some sketchy finger tattoos that I got back in 05′. “Shhh” and a mustache!

  2. Tattoos are part of fashion and people like to have them according to their interests. Especially young people like to have them in their teens and during college days. After getting older, many of them like to remove tattoos based on the interest at the time.

  3. I got mine at age of 50. Not a middle age crisis, I’ve wanted a tattoo since my teens. I still love it! It makes me feel sexy and young again.

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