Tuesday Web Candy

chrissy teigen

Chrissy Teigen really IS queen of the cool girls, and here’s why – NYMag.com

Loving this post on 23 secret uses for everyday beauty products. We can ALL use these! – Byrdie.com

Everyone knows the whole “friends with benefits” thing NEVER works. Here are a few things that are better (sarcasm ahead) – ManRepeller.com

My budget beauty buy of the weekTheBudgetBabe.com

I’m still in shock that Robin Williams is really gone and this Twitter tribute is pretty great – Refinery29.com

Really digging this blog that I just discovered! – AtHomeInLove.com


Weekend To-Do


Weekend wardrobe inspiration (image via PinkPeonies.com)

spaghetti squash crust pizza

Try a healthier version of pizza with spaghetti squash crust instead of bread! (image via ABeautifulMess.com)


Watch one of your old-school classic movies (image via NYMag.com)

closet organization

Even if you can’t organize your entire closet, try organizing one section (image via IntoTheGloss.com)

hollywood sign hike

Try a new hike that you’ve never tried before (image via Pinterest.com)


Words to live by (image via Pinterest.com)

Tuesday Web Candy

tuesday web candy


As an avid self-tanner, I can honestly laugh at this list fo the 35 most orange men to ever grace the red carpet. Amen. You live, you learn, boys. – NYMag.com

Amber’s Motivate Monday really did get me going – Rouge18.com

My latest piece for Refinery29 is just in time for award season. Here I share how celebs REALLY get ready for the red carpetRefinery29.com

If you need a good laugh about your dating life, read this listTheLuxurySpot.com

I have mixed feelings about Jennifer Laurence but this gif of her intentionally shaking her arm fat pretty much secures my love for her. – NYMag.com

Chrissy Teigen carried a $40 JustFab clutch to the Vanity Fair Oscars party which, ironically, happens to be the same purse I used in Miami this weekend…only I used the gold versionTheBudgetBabe.com

Tuesday Web Candy

tuesday web candy


If you love JayZ as much as I do, then you get the reference here. LOVE. – NYMag.com

My latest piece for Brit.co is a good one for anyone, like myself, who is clueless when it comes to baking – Brit.co

The Budget Babe has the latest LC Lauren Conrad look book and I’m way into it – TheBudgetBabe.com

Let’s face it, most people are really excited to watch Olympics figure skating, and this round up of heinous 80s skating offensives is pretty amazing – TheLuxurySpot.com

I’m alllll about foot comfort which is why this round up of anti-blister products is true perfection – Byrdie.com

My secret self-tanner trick is featured in this beauty blogger story, along with some other really awesome tricks and tips from my ladies – iVillage.com

Tuesday Web Candy

Tuesday Web Candy


I’m completely enamored with a new website I discovered via Alyssa…it’s vegetables…disguised as pasta. You’re welcome – Inspiralized.com

Grace and I are in agreement when it comes to turtlenecks being sexyStripesandSequins.com

Candles that smell like salad? Sure. I like it – NYMag.com

Of course I was going to like this. Buzzfeed created a Girls version of the American Girls dolls Buzzfeed.com

I love this roundup of J.Crew-inspired jewelry TheBudgetBabe.com

Fashion, inspired by American Horror Story: Coven = genius – TheLifeStyledBlog.com

Tuesday Web Candy

tuesday web candy


Jessica over at Bows and Sequins put together the cutest winter outfit everBowsandSequins.com

I really love Grace’s post (and honesty) about body image. It’s something we all need to value. – StripesandSequins.com 

This is a great roundup of the funniest Twitter reactions to Kim Kardashian’s insane Christmas gift from Kanye West – People.com

Yet another reason New York Magazine’s The Cut is the best thing ever: they put together a story about how to passive-aggressively communicate with your family using only nail polish NYMag.com

Sarah did good when it comes to organizing her beauty spaceBeautyBanter.com

Humble Brag: My latest Shape.com piece where I interviewed 25 experts on how to achieve ANY goalShape.com

Tuesday Web Candy

tuesday web candy


It’s hard to believe that Paul Walker is actually gone. I interviewed him about two years ago…what a nice, down-to-earth guy.  Not many people knew about how involved with charity he was; he will be missed – QueenoftheQuarterLifeCrisis.com

Funny thing, I rarely use mugs but I love the idea of gifting themBuzzFeed.com

I wish I could mix prints like this. I’m truly impressed. – SydneStyle.com

So I’m intrigued by this new beauty product that targets the double chin…with a mask. Interesting… – Refinery29.com

Mandy Moore shares her makeup secrets…from 1999.  Enough said. – NYMag.com

I love this roundup of motivational Instagram photosIntoTheGloss.com