Redken Blonde Idol

redken blonde idol .jpg

Being blonde is definitely hard work and so when a new product line comes out with the tag line “No brassiness. Guaranteed.”, my interest is instantly peaked.


In my shower

in my shower- honestly jamieAs a beauty editor, I get a ridiculous amount of products sent to me for review and, believe me, that’s not a humble brag, it really is insane how much stuff enters my 700 square foot apartment every month.  Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE it…but when it comes to my shower routine I tend to stick the the basics.  Right now I’m loving a few different products but probably don’t use as many as one might assume, which is mainly because ain’t nobody got time for that, ya know?  Here are my current favorites:


Summer Things I Love Right Now

summer obsessions

I don’t know what it is about summer but I always seem to crave two things: a new heat styling protector a new pair of favorite sunglasses.  It’s true.  I’m actually pretty particular about BOTH items, so when I find a brand that I like, I tend to stick with it for quite awhile.  And hence, right now I’m completely obsessing over my two latest discoveries:

Redken Iron Shape 11: Believe it or not, it’s actually really hard to find a good heat protectant spray for DRY hair.  Most of the products I try, you’re supposed to apply the product while the hair is damp but let’s be honest, a lot of  the time when I need to quickly heat style, it’s actually a touch-up and it’s on dry hair.  Anywho, this Redken version protects your hair from heat for up to 450 degrees, is lightweight and adds shine and helps to reduce frizz.  We have a winner.

Made Eyewear: Even though I have an oval face, which is pretty much the universal face shape for sunglasses, I’m still kind of picky when it comes to my shades.  I went to the launch event for Made Eyewear and was 100% impressed.  Basically, you can customize everything, which is awesome.  I picked out the frame shape, color, side colors, texture, lens color and, get this, you can even engrave these babies.  I chose a clear frame with black sides that are textured with an animal print (obvi).  I also have “Jamie” engraved on the inside, which is a nice hidden little surprise.  Another cool thing?  You can virtually try on each frame design on the website just using your web cam.  I know it’s been done before but I tried it out a few hours ago and it’s extra cool because it’s a live image of you and the glasses move around with you- very 2013.