7 Weird Purses For Spring

weird purses


I still remember the very first designer bag that I bought myself, Kate Spade, obviously.  It was cheetah print and awesome.  I rocked it with the utmost of confidence even though it wasn’t Gucci or Louis Vuitton like my Long Island cohorts used, but I didn’t care.  These “weird” purses all really resonate with me for various reasons, but the main reason being that they’re AWESOME.  Enjoy.

1//House of Holland Starburst Bag

2//Lulu Guinness Neon Lips Clutch

3//Kate Spade Vita Riva Wicker Lemon

4//Christian Louboutin Sweet Charity Crossbody Bag

5//Charlotte Olympia Gummi Bear Acrylic Clutch

6//Pixie Market My Little Pony Clutch

7//Kate Spade Grand Tour Wicker Camera Bag

Cyber Monday

Cyber Monday deals


Since I haven’t shopped on Black Friday since high school, Cyber Monday is clearly my jam.  I mean, who wants to fight throw crowds of crazed shoppers? Not this girl, let me tell you.  I’ve put together a few of my favorite Cyber Monday deals for you to check out…what will you be on the hunt for?

1. BaubleBar// 35% off 4+ items with codes: FRIDAY35 + CYBER20

2. Shopbop// up to 25% off with code: BIGEVENTS13

3. Drybar// save 20% off all bundles all day

4. House of Harlow 1960// score 25% off everything with code: BLACKHOH

5. Nordstrom// up to 25%+ off

6. J.Crew// up to 30% off with code: HOLIDAY

Smart Fashion

Smart fashion

Here’s the thing. I’ve been picky about my clothing for a LONG TIME.  Ask my mom, she’ll tell you how I would wake up, as a 4-year-old kid and politely tell my mom that no, in fact I was not going to wear the outfit that she picked out for me.  True story.  So yeah, when I find things that are truly, honestly innovative and amazing, I get pretttty excited about it.  Case and point, these three items:

InStyle Essentials Classic Button-Front Shirt: Essentially, this is a button down shirt that uses your bra size to ensure a perfect fit.  So basically, I would normally buy a medium and then be annoyed when the button in the middle of my boobs opens up CONSTANTLY.  Again, true story.  In this case, I ordered a 36C, which allowed for the PERFECT fit; It didn’t open up in the bust AND it wasn’t gigantic around my waist.  How did no one think of this before?

LOFT “Marisa” Ankle Pant: When I say that I HATE shopping for pants, that’s pretty much an understatement.  When I found out about LOFT’s Pant Revolution I got honestly, truly excited…and let me tell you why.  They surveyed 10,000 women, with 400 pairs of pants from LOFT competitors.  Survey says: 47% of women find shopping for pants frustrating (DUH), which is why they devised 45 options, pants options, that is, in different fits, lengths, fabrics, styles, prints and colors.  Now, I’m a “Marisa” and I, in fact, looked terrible in the Julie, which convinced me that their system really does work.  Use THIS quiz to figure out what style is right for you and get yo’ self some new pants now.

Bandolier Phone Holder: This genius iPhone holder would’ve saved my life in my former PR years.  I love that it not only holds your phone where you still have access to the screen, but it also has little slots for business cards/ids/credit cards.  It’s basically everything you need, in one cute patterned holder.

Boozy shopping – it’s a thing

drunk shopping

I’ll never forget my first drunk shopping experience…it was during college, obviously.

I remember going for happy hour in downtown New York City and then deciding that trying on pants at Express would be a GREAT idea.  Now, normally trying on pants is my least favorite thing in the world to do, so it actually does make some sense that I’d want to do this after having a few cocktails.  I ended up buying two pairs of pants, going home, passing out and waking up in the morning only to see my new pants.  Turns out, they actually ended up being awesome pants that actually looked good and I actually wore them.  That’s the thing about shopping under the influence- sometimes you get lucky and end up with something awesome and then other times…you end up with something totally ridiculous.

Case and point, my other UTI (under the influence) shopping scores:

Rosetta Stone (Italian): In theory, this was actually a fantastic purchase since I’ve been wanting to become fluent in Italian for years, but the fact that this cost $600 makes it a bad purchase. BAD. BAD, Jamie.

Festivus For the Rest Of Us “Seinfeld” shirt: This is my personal favorite.  I loveeee “Seinfeld” and I got it in my head that I was going to celebrate Festivus (yeah, I don’t even know) so, obviously, I needed a shirt.  Unfortunately, I didn’t seem to remember the fact that Delia*s is a store for TEENAGERS and my medium t-shirt is basically a crop top on me.  I would’ve returned it but the shipping costs more than the actual shirt…so it sits in my dresser to this day.

Crystal Table Lamp: Ah, furniture pieces- another dangerous area.  I bought a similar lamp (no longer available on Overstock.com) thinking that I would put it on the side table by my couch…well, I don’t have a side table, and I never did.  The lamp currently sits (bulb-less) on my kitchen counter.

What have you guys purchased while boozed up?  Tell me everything.