The Glitter Guide


I’m so excited to share my feature on THE GLITTER GUIDE from this past Thursday; I was featured in their “Beauty Talk” series and I’m pretty pumped since Glitter Guide is one of my favorite sites!  Make sure to click over HERE to read my beauty Q&A and to learn about a few of my favorite beauty products 🙂

Weekend To-Do

funJust have fun, ok? (image via TheGlitterGuide.com)

st. patricks day frittataTry a fun and healthy St. Patrick’s Day Frittata. I’m obsessed (image via SkinnyTaste.com)

beachTake a minute to day dream (image via Pinterest.com)

hand dish

Try this DIY hand dish cause guess what? It looks just like the expensive Kelly Wearstler version (image via ABeautifulMess.com)

dainty ringsTreat yo’ self to a dainty ring or four. They’re fun and versatile (image via WhoWhatWear.com)

pretty gift wrapping

If you have a birthday party this weekend, make sure to wrap the gift extra pretty for spring (image via TheHouseThatLarsBuilt.com)

Weekend To-Do

Halloween nails

Give yourself a fun Halloween manicure. I love this vampire version (image via BeautyHigh.com)

farmer's market

Go to your local farmer’s market and buy your favorite fresh veggies and fruit (image via SimpleBites.net)


Slouchy pants are my latest fashion obsession. Get yourself a pair and see how many ways you can style them (image via TheGlitterGuide.com)


If you’re hosting a Halloween party, try this super easy drink stirrer DIY.  Seriously it’s all from the 99 cent store! (image via StyleWithinReach.net)

matching hangers

I always say that I’ll know I’ve made it “when” all of the hangers in my closet match. Get a head start this weekend with some baby steps (image via Pinterest.com)

wise words

Keep this in mind on Sunday night (image via Pinterest.com)

Tuesday Web Candy

tuesday web candy


I’m sure you’ve already seen the crazy video that went viral with the girl singing while curling her hair, right?  Well she could’ve really used one of these babiesBeauty Blogging Junkie

Ke$ha designed penis jewelry (naturally) and I love this list with “how to wear it” tips – New York Magazine

Tomatoes are my favorite, so I really love ALL of these recipesThe Glitter Guide

This is absolutely genius if you like fresh herbs (and olive oil) – Lauren Conrad

Tuesday Web Candy

Tuesday Web Candy

I just discovered that J.C. Penney has a PANTONE home decor section.  Amazing. – J.C. Penney

Celeb manicurist, Jenna Hipp, just launched a “what’s hot now” nail kit and I’m pretty into it – She Finds

Sephora is launching a makeup collection inspired by “The Little Mermaid” this July!!! – InStyle

TheGlitterGuide.com put together a great packing list for all your summer tripsThe Glitter Guide

I’m loving all these vertical stripes…and everything featured is budget-friendly to boot – Penny Chic

So brilliant- Sarah put together a “get the look” for Lois Lane (aka Superman’s lady) – Beauty Banter

Tuesday Web Candy

tax day

I mean…I don’t want to say that I “approve” of this, but I kind of do.  God, don’t tell my parents – Fashionista

Tax day sucks…believe me, I know.  But Refinery29 has managed to make it somewhat funRefinery29

Since I’m heading to Las Vegas in May (details to come soon!), I’m way into this “12 Things You Didn’t Know About Vegas” list- BuzzFeed

I have SO MANY POWER CHORDS…and this is the perfect way to make them coolDesignLoveFest

Celebrating 67 years of black lingerie?  For reals – AFabLife

DIY Mother’s Day gifts to try out…I like it – TheGlitterGuide

Burned skin IS DAMAGED SKIN.  Fact – BeautySweetSpot

I can’t lie…Kim Kardashian’s hair looked pretty awesome at the MTV Video Awards Allure


image via Fashionista