90s beauty: my high school beauty routine

90s beauty


I’ll be honest when I say that I was certainly NOT a beauty expert back when I was in high school; in fact, I didn’t even care.  I would read Seventeen, YM, Teen, Teen People, etc. and completely skip over the beauty section to go right to fashion. I mean…wow how things change, and with that said, even though I wasn’t particularly passionate about beauty, I DID have my go-to products.  Putting this post together was truly a hilarious experience and I giggled at the site of these products, ALL of which I would still TOTALLY use.  Just saying…

1. Herbal Essences Shampoo and Conditioner: The brand has since re-done the packaging (this is the old version) but I’m still in love with the scent, and when they say that you associate smell with memory, they are NOT lying.  I had a flash memory of being late to home room the last time I used this shampoo…it was both scary and awesome at the same time.

2. Wet ‘n Wild White Eyeliner: I don’t know why on earth I ever though white eyeliner, SOLO WHITE EYELINER AND NOTHING ELSE, was ever an ok look, but I did.  If memory serves, I thought the white line would make my eyes look bigger but in reality, guys just wondered why I had white lines drawn on my top eyelid.  Ahhh, the teen years…

3. Bath & Body Works Pearberry Body Splash: The scent of Pearberry was my jam in high school; of course, everyone had their favorite scent, but there was something about the Pearberry scent that I just LOVED, and still do.

4. Bonne Bell Lip Smackers: It’s still a classic but it was definitely an obsession for everyone in high school and I distinctly remember having a cupcake-flavored version that made all the girls jealous.

5. Hard Candy Nail Polish: Back in the day Hard Candy was a high-end nail polish and retailed for $18 a bottle which, for a high school student, was big bucks.  I had a few select shades, one of which was called “mermaid” and was teal green. #memories.

6. Avon Odyssey Perfume: My mom bought me this perfume at a friend’s Avon party and I don’t know why I asked for it but I distinctly remember LOVING the scent.

how to get dark nail polish off your nails!

nail polish tips

I will never forget the moment when a guy said to me “what are you goth now?  Why are you wearing black nail polish?”

The answer?  It was 2006…and CHANEL “black satin” was all the rage.  I mean, sure, mine was totally the Wet n’ Wild version (cause I’m cheap and lazy) but still…black nails were SO HAUTE that he didn’t even know it.  The problem is this: when you wear black (or really any dark nail polish color) it gets stuck in the corners of your nails.  For real.  I thought it was just me, cause I’m sloppy, but turns out…it’s everyone.  Here’s a trick that I recently picked up from a manicurist:

Use an old makeup brush, dipped in nail polish remover, to scrub off the remnants of your dark polish!  I’m liking Stila Double Ended Smudge Brush #28 since you get TWO choices: one is flat and short, and the other is long and thin…making it easy to get into every nook and dark polish cranny.