Terax Original Crema

terax crema

Because it’s a classic that you probably don’t know about…

When I heard that Terax Original Crema was back in business I was instantly taken bake to 2005 when I first discovered this awesome conditioner.  It was summer…in New York City…and it was HOT and HUMID so, clearly, I really needed this stuff and it 100% works like a dream.

Terax, aside from having a fabulous scent (shea, bergamot, juniper and rice flower— for the win), calms frizz, detangles, fixes split ends,  improves hair elasticity and even reduces static buildup.  But, all the good stuff also helps with dryness that comes as a result from chemical treatments and environment damage from sun, wind, sea salt and chlorine.  Done.  You probably found  your new conditioner go-to, especially if you live somewhere where it’s humid 🙂


7 thoughts on “Terax Original Crema

  1. Terax is the best conditioner I EVER EVER used in my life and Im 62 yo … I cant seem to find it in stores . Where do u order it?

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