The 4 Products You Need for Your Nails

4 nail products you need

With thousands upon thousands of nail products on the market, all claiming to solve ALL of your problems, it can definitely be confusing as to what you actually need to achieve your best nails possible. Here, I break down for you the four products that you should be using, no matter what.  Trust me, use these four and you’re good to go!

1. All-In-One Treatment

When you’re crammed for time, it’s best (and easiest) to use a strengthening base and top coat in one.  Hydrating panthenol will smooth and glaze nail beds, while also preventing your nails from chipping.  Make sure to first apply this treatment to clean, dry nails as a base coat and let dry. Then brush on one to two coats of your favorite nail color and let dry. Finish with the Double Duty treatment as a shiny top coat.

Favorite: Sally Hansen Double Duty

2. Polish Remover

I prefer a polish remover with a light, calming scent (like lavender), which will swiftly and effectively take off your darkest, most glittery polish just as fast as you applied it.  Sure, in a pinch cheap or generic polish remover will do, but I really love the version from Zoya, which smells great and actually gets all of my nail polish off.

Favorite: Zoya Remove Plus

3. Nail Strengthener

This calcium-enriched formula toughens nails, without altering the color of your polish!  It’s recommended for use twice a week and will definitely help strengthen nail beds within a few weeks time. I can’t recommend this strengthener enough.  The fact that you can actually apply it OVER your nail polish is truly amazing and I’ve definitely noticed a huge difference in the health of my nails.

Favorite: O.P.I Nail Envy

4. Cuticle Oil

Cuticles simmer down with just a drop of this cure-all product.  Infused with sweet-almond, jojoba and vitamin E oils, your nails will never be softer.  This is my secret weapon!  For anyone who gets dry cuticles, this oil is your best bet.

Favorite: CND Solar Oil




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