The Best Halloween Nails


Because even if you’re not going to get dressed up, your nails SHOULD BE…

Sugar skull nails are fantastic but I love the idea of just doing one nail and the rest can be all black (via Brit.co)


Eyeball nails. I mean. LOVE THIS. (via ShakeShakee.blogspot.com)


I was obviously not doing this round up with out including a black cat french tip! I’m obsessed with the cuteness of black cats (via LipsSoFacto.com)


Blood splatter nails, a la Dexter. Yes, please. (via Pinterest.com)


Mummy nails, so classic and surprisingly easy! (via PolishMePlease.com)


Zombie nails, naturally if you read my zombie makeup tutorial post. (via Samariums-swatches.com)


This is pretty much my worst nightmare…creepy ghost faces coming through your nails (or, ha, the WALL perhaps?) (via PiggyLuv.com)

Nail Art Skull Accent Nail Halloween Tutorial

A skull accent nail, for anyone who doesn’t want to fully commit (via FunSizeBeauty.blogspot.com)


Speaking of accent nails, obviously I had to include a vampire accent nail (via lilispolishes.com)

halloween nail art skull and stripes 2

Silver accent skulls are the best skulls (via ObsessedWithGlitter.blogspot.com)


Friday The 13th-inspired. YESS. (via BeautyLish.com)

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