The Best Hangover Cures?

So one of my favorite blogs, The Jet Set Girls, posted an interesting (and very appropriate) story for this cold and rainy Sunday afternoon- hangover cures from Men.Style.com. Personally, I have a tradition of ordering spicy Chinese food and drinking diet peach Snapple (sometimes with an Advil, if necessary) but apparently others find exercise and pickle juice to do the trick. Exercise?! Really? That’s the last thing I could possibly do when I’m hungover…and hair of the dog? I don’t know about you, but I usually vow to “never drink again”(at least until next weekend) and even the simple thought of taking another sip of alcohol makes my stomach turn. Also, I love how number one is Advil and water before bed. Um…who’s actually sober enough to remember to do this? I digress…

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