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Because I love having awesome teeth…

After spending thousands of dollars on Invisalign I’m a big stickler for keeping my teeth as white and fresh-looking as humanly possible and any product that makes it easier for me is an automatic win.  When I was first introduced to Plaque HD toothpaste I instantly thought “THIS IS BRILLIANT.” A toothpaste that actually shows you where you have the most plaque build up? YES, please.

plaque HD - Honestly Jamie

Yes, it’s a tad bit scary, especially if you’re a mouth-breather like myself who gets her teeth cleaned every three months, but it really does HELP to see where you need to brush (i.e. where your mouth is the most green). And, by the way, Plaque HD removes more than four times the amount of plaque than a normal toothpaste.

plaque HD - Honestly Jamie

Put a small amount of toothpaste on the brush and brush normally. I’m obsessed with my Philips Sonicare toothbrush. OBSESSED. And I’m also a rigorous tongue scraper. It sounds weird but, trust me, try it and you will soon be a convert.

plaque HD - Honestly Jamie

plaque HD - Honestly Jamie

Stop and look in the mirror to see any green plaque spots, then continue brushing until the green plaque is gone.

plaque HD - Honestly Jamie

As you can see, my bottom teeth are where I build up the most amount of plaque (my dentist always tells me this), so now I can see where I REALLY have to brush it up.  Side note: the toothpaste actually tastes really good and comes in two flavors: Fresh Mint and Berry Bubble Gum.

This post is in collaboration with Plaque HD.

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  1. Great share! Achieving optimal oral health cannot be done exclusively in the dental office; oral hygiene is the key to preventing major dental work. It is clear that we need products like the ones mentioned in the post to help ourselves at home for our everyday care.

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