The Doe-Eyed Freshman

In the May issue of Glamour, there’s a little article about the “to-do lists of your dreams” providing a website that lets people list theirs and cross things off. (www.43things.com)
It got me to thinking about a list I made in high school with things like “go sky-diving” and “visit the Bermuda Triangle.” Wow…that was back in the day when I thought I would lead this fabulous, chic life…having time (and money) for vacations with my amazing boyfriend and great group of friends. What happened?! I miss my idealism and dare I say it, being the “doe-eyed freshman next door.”
When did I give up?! Since graduating college, I feel that my life is just one day— on repeat. I WANT things to change and be exciting but I still feel like I’m just waiting for this super long vacation to end…before going back to school. When do you realize that you’re an adult? I guess it’s different for different people- for some it might be when they get married, become a parent, get their first real job…
Maybe it has something to do with living in New York City. I read a really fantastic article called “How to Be Truly Happy for Other People” and it had a really interesting view on New York, it says:

“…in New York City, competition can be fierce and expectations of oneself,
however unrealistic, can still be disappointing when not met.”

One thing is for sure- I’m going to make some changes. The doe-eyed freshman is B-A-C-K.

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