The Girly Girls Guide To the Super Bowl

We all know THAT sporty girl.  She loves a cold one after work.  She is great at poker and down to smoke a cigar with the guys.  She knows the stats about the latest game and completely bros out on the weekend.  She is…the cool sporty girl. (Jamie’s note:  I’m so NOT this girl. I had to ask Hannah when the Super Bowl is even on TV)

Now, while I will always prefer a skinny margarita over a Coors Light, I can’t help but have a tinge of envy when it comes to the world’s cool sporty girls.  So this Sunday, I’m stepping up my game (no pun intended) and giving those cool sporty girls a run for their money.  I am going to master the Super Bowl.  “Master” might be an exaggeration, but I am going to know a fact or two to prove my knowledge before and after the Bruno Mars concert…I mean, halftime show. (Jamie’s note: I wish Beyonce were performing again, sigh).

Here is my SUPER BOWL FACT SHEET, so you too can be the cool sporty girl at your game-day party:

2014 Superbowl nail art

Seattle Seahawks vs. Denver Broncos: you can show your support with these super cute nail art ideas (try not to pick a team to root for based solely on the colors) (Jamie’s note: but if you DO, don’t tell any men that was your reasoning.)


Quarterbacks (or QB): Russell Wilson vs. Peyton Manning


Both teams want to score by advancing into the opposing team’s endzone (at either end of the field with the big fork thing)

Offense– tries to score (like a goal or basket or home run in other sports) by entering the opposing team’s endzone

Defense– tries to protect their endzone, by smashing into (or tackling) the offensive players and making them fall or drop the ball, or by intercepting the ball (think monkey in the middle)

Each team gets 4 attempts, or downs, to travel 10 yards with the ball.  They can pass (this is where the QB’s come in) or run with the ball.  Once the player hits the ground, the play is over and the team has one less down.  If they travel all 10 yards within the allotted 4 downs, then they get another 4 downs to try to cover an additional 10 yards and advance towards the other team’s endzone.

If the team doesn’t cover 10 yards within the 4 downs then the other team gets the ball and the whole thing starts all over.

If the team gets super close to the other team’s endzone before the end of their 4 downs, they can attempt kicking the ball between the goal posts (the big fork thing) for a field goal, worth 3 points.

Touchdown– worth 6 points when a team runs or catches the ball in the opposing team’s endzone.

After a touchdown, the team can gain an additional point by kicking the ball between the goal posts in the endzone or two points if they run or pass it in.

Now you are officially a cool girl.  Just throw in an italicized word every now and then through a mouthful of chips and dip and you’ll be good to go.

Jamie’s note: I had to add in these super adorable chocolate covered strawberries that look life footballs (sorry, Hannah), but they’re a perfect and healthy game-time snack. If any men are reading this, completely ignore this photo. Go team.

football chocolate covered strawberries

Recipe here

Hannah Cranston, Assistant Editor

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